Let me help you take your company to the next level with content that converts. The right type of content is going to depend on your business and your goals. I can help you figure out what will serve you best. Here are my rates and an explanation of how it all works.

Primary Services

I provide all of my services on a flat-fee basis, which is tied to the type of content and the length of the requested piece. Please note: None of my writing services include images, posting to your website, submitting to any other website, or responding to comments.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are articles that you post on your website to attract visitors and establish your expertise. They explain your approach, describe what you do, and answer questions as well as inform and entertain.

  • 500 words: $150
  • 750 words: $200
  • 1,000 words: $250
  • 1,500 words: $350
  • 2,000 words: $450

White Papers

White papers are at least three pages long and over 1,000 words. They generally describe something about your company so they require me to learn about what you do, how you do it, and why. I may also have to interview someone at your company.

  • Three pages (1,000 words): $400
  • Five pages (1,500 words): $600
  • Seven pages (2,250 words): $800
  • Ten pages (3,000 words): $1100

Business Reports

Business reports make a business case for your company. These are used to explain your need for financing and get buy-in from shareholders. There is usually some type of statistics or analysis involved. I also need access to your financial information and other internal documents to do it right. I will request the specific documents and sign an NDA.

  • Three pages (1,000 words): $450
  • Five pages (1,500 words): $650
  • Seven pages (2,250 words): $850
  • Ten pages (3,000 words): $1150

Case Studies

Case studies are the stories of your customers. These are often used as a sort of in-depth testimonial. They involve interviews with your client as well as any of your employees who worked on the project. I would develop the questions, conduct the interviews, and run the numbers as required. The length is shorter than other items, but the hours required to do it right are significantly more.

  • 500 words: $350
  • 750 words: $400
  • 1,000 words: $450
  • 1,500 words: $550
  • 2,000 words: $650

Feature Writing

Feature writing includes articles that you would submit to a larger publication or an industry magazine. They require interviews, research, and analysis. The time to complete feature articles is significant, but the end result is highly-polished and perfect for promoting your company’s expertise.

  • 1,000 words: $950
  • 1,500 words: $1,450
  • 2,000 words: $1,950
  • 2,500 words: $2,450
  • 3,000 words: $2950


Ebooks are longer documents that many companies like to use as a way to attract email subscribers. They generally provide value, explain research, and position the company as an expert. The analysis is usually minimal but they are very research-intensive.

  • Three pages (1,000 words): $500
  • Five pages (1,500 words): $750
  • Seven pages (2,250 words): $1,200
  • Ten pages (3,000 words): $1,500

Writing Packages

I like to take care of my clients and build a relationship. If you want to contract with me for several pieces of writing, I will create a custom package for you. The more I start to understand your business and industry, the less research I will need to do for each piece, so I don’t see any reason for you to pay extra. The discount you receive will depend on the volume of work you request. Generally, I invoice monthly for packaged services.

My Approach

First, we decide on the length of the document and the amount of research required. These two factors are the primary considerations in my pricing. I may opt to provide more words or even more analysis than our initial agreement. If that happens, I will not charge you for the extra because it is at my discretion. If you decide you would like a longer piece or more involved analysis after our initial agreement, we will have to negotiate a new rate before any work can continue.

Once we agree to a type of content and length, we will review the number of edits I will include in the price and the installment schedule. Generally, I offer two revisions and I provide the content in two installments. The first is the outline and an introduction along with the sources I will use to write the piece. This gives you a chance to make sure that we are on the same page before I get started. The second is the finished draft. However, longer content may require more installments. Payment is required for each milestone.