What is Business Intelligence?


Need to make sense of the data your company generates? Want to understand more about where your company stands with regard to its operations, market, and industry? You could start getting printouts but first you need something that can collect the data that you need and something that can put it all together in a … Continue reading What is Business Intelligence?

How to Attract Millennials to your Business


Millennials are notorious for their strong love of technology, ubiquitous social media posts, and text messaging, explains Monster, but they also show a marked preference for small businesses. Katie Bardaro, lead economist at PayScale, quantifies the issue by saying, “Forty-seven percent of Generation Y (Gen Y) workers are employed by small companies, compared to only … Continue reading How to Attract Millennials to your Business

Crowdsourcing is Here to Stay


Crowdsourcing may qualify as a buzz word, but that doesn’t mean the concept is any less valid or on point. The basic idea is that two heads are better than one, that three or more is better. In theory, crowdsourcing can be tantamount to free labor when you use ideas from your customers, but in … Continue reading Crowdsourcing is Here to Stay

How Millennial Consumers Make Buying Decisions


Understanding how customers decide where to shop and which products to buy can provide any business with a real competitive advantage. Buying trends are not consistent, they evolve with consumer behavior and technology. Some changes in buying behavior are pervasive while others transient, but companies need to stay on top of both if they are … Continue reading How Millennial Consumers Make Buying Decisions

How Social Customer Service Increases Engagement and Brand Love


You already know that social media is a standard in the way companies like you reach customers. You post photos, share anecdotes, and stream videos – each of which helps your followers to better understand WHO you are as a company – but there is another advantage. You can also use social media for customer service. … Continue reading How Social Customer Service Increases Engagement and Brand Love